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Anonymous once told me;
"what do you think of mandy running over karen?"


mandy was in the wrong definitely karen didn’t deserve that (which??? the fact that people think that she did makes me have less faith in humanity tbh) but yeah i can see why mandy did it because she felt threatened but her actions weren’t excusable in the slightest sigh i hated that whole mandy/lip/karen storyline in season 3 because it really just proved the point that both mandy and karen weren’t important enough to the writers to have growth and plots that don’t relate to men i’m so mad lmao

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Anonymous once told me;
"what's the deal with having female characters with storylines related with men? It's a show about characters, and how they relate to everyone else. I think it's more like men and women complement each other in the storylines rather than women revolving around men. Every single character and their storyline is related to someone of the opposite sex or the sex they're are attracted to."


it’s a problem when a female character is brought for the sole purpose to be tied in with a man, when said female character could potentially have incredible and deep storylines but are instead put on the back burner because they have no use for the male character anymore. take mandy for example. she was brought into the show because of ian’s storyline and although this isn’t that big of a deal because ian and mandy weren’t romantically involved she was a plot device for ian and mickey’s storyline as well but okay anyways after she had weaved her way into the show and served purpose for creating ian and mickey’s storyline and become a companion of ian’s mandy was given no storyline until lip and mandy started fucking and then whenever lip broke it off with mandy in season 3, she suddenly had no storylines except in the middle of season 4 when lip comes back from college, has unprotected sex with her and then suggests that she just doesn’t buy the morning after pill because he doesn’t care what she feels about the situation and only cares about the benefits of her getting pregnant for the sake of himself finally having a real reason to drop out of college. she then is only given a second plot for about two episodes involving another man that is abusive and is tossed to the side whenever lip and kenyatta finally interact and nothing else is said about kenyatta abusing mandy after that lmao 

do you get how fucked up that is? yes i understand that men and women can be brought into storylines for ~complement each other but when it gets to the point where a woman character, who is in need of a storyline that develops them further, is only brought in to have storylines that are directly correlated to a man and to be dropped at the drop of a hat when they aren’t in contact with that man, there’s a problem 

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dont look at my fucking boner when we fight


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Fuck you! Fuck you! And especially, fuck you!

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